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    Electric car diffuser BREEZER|Boles d'olor

    BREEZER is the first ultrasonic "mist" designed for use in the car. It uses innovative ultrasonic micro-mist technology with a frequency of 113 Khz, which converts fragrance-impregnated water into micro-droplets (less than 6 microns). This very fine mist helps maintain humidity, reduces static electricity, radiation produced by electronic components, and contamination from formaldehyde and other harmful volatile organic compounds. Fragrance refills are not part of the diffuser, they are sold separately. Ultrasonic Humidifier/Diffuser Car Fragrance BREEZER
    * The very fine mist flowing from the diffuser helps maintain humidity in the car, reduces static electricity, reduces radiation from electronic components and components containing formaldehyde and other harmful volatile organic compounds found in cars.* The product will help protect your eyes and skin. The pleasant aroma will help improve mood, relieve tension and anxiety and provide a much more pleasant trip.* The diffuser is designed with a holder that is adjustable at different angles, allowing it to be used in almost any possible position of a 12V socket (cigarette lighter).* It also has a built-in USB connection that allows you to use a phone charger or other electronic device at the same time as using the diffuser.* 2 basic functions: air humidifier and aroma diffuser. Tank capacity: 50 ml For use in a car. In a gift box.

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    * Breezer pomůže ochránit vaše oči a kůži. * Příjemná vůně pomůže zlepšit náladu, zmírnit napětí a úzkost a poskytnout mnohem příjemnější cestu. * Difuzér je navržen s držákem, který je nastavitelný v různých úhlech, což umožňuje jeho použití v téměř každé možné poloze 12V zásuvky (cigaretový zapalovač). * Má také zabudované USB připojení, které umožní používat nabíječku telefonu nebo jiné elektronické zařízení zároveň při použití difuzéru. * 2 základní funkce: zvlhčovač vzduchu a rozprašovač vůní. Kapacita nádržky: 50 ml * Pro použití v automobilu. * V dárkovém balení.


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    Technical specifications

    Rozměr v cm (ŠxHxV): 6 x 21 x 10; Obsah v L: 0,05; Váha v kg: 0,085 Materiál: umělá hmota, el. kabelBreezer (air humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser). Humidifies and improves the quality of the air in the car. Free rotation, After 2 hours of opertion, it shuts off automatically. Neds only clean water and a few drops of Ambients Mist or Essentials Mists. 2,4 5V USB port to charge your electronics devises. Input/output: DC 12 V/ Sprey DC 12 V, Output: DC 24V-500mA, Power: 1,5-3,5W. Duration: 20-30 ml./h.

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